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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your rates competitive? 

Tutoring agencies have plenty of overhead to worry about and will charge more than me to cover such costs. My only overhead is my time and the monthly costs to operate my website. My rates are lower than the average for OCT-certified teachers tutoring in Ontario. Can I charge more? I sure can, but I understand grocery bills shouldn’t be amended to cover tutoring costs.


What does a tutoring session with you look like?

I typically run a tutoring session in a five-part session. I will determine if a student has brought something to me that they are working on or if I need to prepare learning activities as we go (something I am very good at). Following the course of action, I will include a little warm-up based on the content for the day. Next, we will get our minds acclimated to the expectations in the new/reviewed learning through my “teaching” for a few minutes. From there, we will do some practice, refine our skills, and develop some confidence. In the end, I will ask the student to demonstrate if they can execute the expected outcome for the day. 


Do you only use Zoom for online tutoring? 

As a teacher who taught online through the pandemic, I learned how to deliver teaching/tutoring using many online platforms. If there is an online platform that you prefer (FaceTime, Google Meets, or anything else), you let me know and I’ll make it happen. 


What happens if I need to cancel my tutoring session? 

Please give me at least 12 hours’ notice before our lesson as I do spend time preparing content for students before our tutoring sessions. I appreciate that! I do not charge for cancellations, but do hope people provide me with adequate heads-up!  


Do you currently teach in a classroom setting?

I have been an intermediate teacher for the last few school years and taught at a private high school before my current position. I have taught the following subjects in a classroom:

  • Music (Grade 9-10)

  • Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology (Grade 11)  

  • Family Studies (Grade 12)

  • Grade 7 and 8 Science, Math, Language, Music, Art, Drama, History, Geography, Health

  • Grade 4-8 Music 


What would you be able to teach/tutor if we decided to contact you?

One thing that separates me from other tutors is that I also provide guitar lessons. I still perform gigs during the summer months at weddings and have been teaching guitar for over a decade. 

K-8: Whatever support your child needs or whatever learning I think is best for your child’s abilities


High School: I support students who are preparing for the Grade 9 Math EQAO exam or the OSSLT (Grade 10 Literacy Test). In addition, I can support students in the following subjects:

  • English (Essays, literary analyses)

  • History (up to Grade 12)

  • Music (up to Grade 12 Music)


Some other skills I have experience teaching:

  • Research skills

  • Organization

  • Resume/cover letter support 

  • Exercise programs (Helping prepare these)


In addition, I have helped many people with their statement of intent to help them get into college/university. If you need support with the application process, I am happy to support you with your application! 


What is your educational background?

I graduated on the Dean’s Honours list and Faculty Valedictorian from Western University with an Honours Specialization in Music Education (BMus). From there, I completed York University’s Bachelor of Education (BEd) program. In October 2023, I obtained my Master of Professional Education in Educational Leadership (MPEd) from Western University. You can say that I have a passion for how people learn (including myself)!


What are your hobbies? 

  • Fitness is a major part of my life. I participate in several large races throughout the year (Half-marathons, large-scale obstacle courses)

  • Reading

  • Playing music

  • Walking my dogs

  • Boating and ATVing

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